Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization from Concrete Leveling Pros

Injecting structural polyurethane foam into the voids beneath concrete slabs can stabilize them without the need for excavating and without the added weight of cement, which can compound an existing soil settlement issue.

Our Precision Lift™ products are polyurethane foams that lift and support slabs, stairs, footings, or foundations, easing them back to their original position.

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The Problem:

Accumulated ground and storm water travels underneath the sidewalk’s foundation, through its joints, and minor defects. As the water travels, it carries away soil.

Once the soil is loosened by the erosion process it becomes more and more susceptible to erosion. Because loose soils are more permeable, water enters and leaves more readily, which leads to larger voids and the potential for catastrophic failures of the sidewalk and/or adjacent foundations.

The Solution:

Sidewalk stabilization with chemical grouts from Prime Resins and Concrete Leveling Pros.


Not only can chemical grout stabilization double the life of your sidewalk, but this process can usually be completed for roughly half the cost of replacement. With no need for tear out, this method also leaves the beauty of the existing structure intact.


Defects in sidewalks and seawalls allow water from land or from the body of water on the opposite side to transmit through the wall. Water transmitting through or under the sidewalk can carry soils which lead to soft unstable soils or large voids.

The structural integrity of the sidewalk is dependent on the fill soils behind and beneath the foundation of the sidewalk. This process not only compromises the structural integrity of the wall but can also endanger adjacent building foundations and is a threat to public safety.

Some methods of repair require frequent refilling of the voids with new soil, which is costly long-term and requires constant monitoring.

How easy is the Grout Injection process?

The grout is injected behind the Sidewalk via soil probes. The low viscosity chemical grout is injected and creates an impenetrable mass that forces any remaining water out, and leaves no room for new water to make its way in.

About the grout

What are these polyurethane chemical grouts from Prime Resins?

Polyurethane chemical grout is available in single and two component formulations and can be used for many applications. Single component resins are typically injected as a liquid resin. Then, upon contact with water, a chemical reaction is initiated and the resin produces foam.

This foam is closed cell, does not transmit water, and depending on the product remains either flexible or rigid. Single component polyurethane resins are typically used for sealing leaks and stabilizing soils by permeation grouting. Two component formulations do not need water to initiate the chemical reaction. Two component foams are typically used for compaction grouting, void filling or slab / foundation lifting.

This expansive foam grout naturally follows the path of least resistance just like water, so any secondary defects in the sidewalk are sealed as the foam expands.

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